Random Thoughts - 02

Very often I find my mind wandering and random thoughts just pop into my head. Most of these thoughts are just silly things meaning nothing at all but, sometimes I get a brainwave and feel the urge to share it with the world.
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How do you take your photos - Number 02

I was taking the photos of my Grand Daughters wedding a few weeks ago and I was becoming quite frustrated by the number of people getting in my way. They were following me around and taking the same shots that I was taking but often standing right in front of me. What I noticed though, was that very few of these people were using cameras, they were using mobile phones or iPads. I know that technology has become very efficient nowadays and I have seen some excellent results from mobile phones and particularly from iPads. Does that mean that us old 'TOGS' will soon be redundant?
I am prompted to ask this question, How do you take your photos? and I feel sure that other photographers will be interested in your thoughts on this one.

Reply from George Chappell (UK)
Subject: Random Thought Number 02

I have just re-found your new Web Site (I've still got two of your CD's bought a few years ago) and would like to add my random thoughts on 'How do you take your photos'
Now no way can I be considered a photographer, I have a Lumix Compact camera and am more likely to be with those using their phones and iPads, watching from where someone with professional looking equipment is taking photos. However, my issue with those people is completely different.
I grew up at a time when photos were taken and then a week, month or months later, the roll film would be taken to (normally) the Chemist to be developed. However, a week later we are looking at the prints and trying to remember where they were taken. Fortunately, my Mum and Dad then put our family photos into an album and then annotated underneath where and when they were taken. Okay not like todays digital age where loads of photos are taken, but thanks to Mum and Dad, ours were saved.
Being an admin type person, after every day out to visit our grandchildren, I immediately download all photos taken, into a sequential numbering folder within 'My Pictures' e.g. 2016-001-Cardiff, 2016-002, Hertford-003, etc etc. So okay these people busily snapping away with their phones and iPads, I would suggest that there are not so many that actually transfer them to a backup system. Then how many times do you hear that someone has lost their phone that also contained all of their family photos?
I feel sad for our grandchildren. When they they have grandchildren of their own and look back to their own childhood, loads of photos had been taken of them but, where are they now?
On my PicturesToExe 'to do list' is a Family History audio visual that will tell our own grandchildren what life was like for their Grandad as a child. How many of todays generation will be able to do that?